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Top 100 Reasons to come see the Titans
host the Wheeling Nailers on Fan Appreciation Night!

100.  The Titans are facing the Nailers, their longtime division rival.  Can’t miss that!

99.  Trenton is 4-2-0 in their last 6  home games.

98.  Score-O will be at $10,000.  That’s real money that you can win.

97.  The Titans have the league’s 4th best PP unit scoring 20.8% of the time.  Come see them improve on that!

96.  It will be a beautiful Spring Saturday!

95.  The Titans have already surpassed their point total from last season by 10, and their win total by 6. 

94.  We swear Intern Bob is back from Siberia, he has been for most of the season.  We’ll drag him out of his cage for the public to see for this special night!

93.  Come see who’ll finish the season with the most points! Jacob Cepis, Stephen Schultz, and Andy Bohmbach are within 10 points of one another.

92.  Mike Ullrich is a point-per-game player so far this season.  Make sure he can keep it up!

91.  With a big weekend again Wheeling – capped off on Fan Appreciation Night – the Titans can surpass the Nailers in the standings!

90.  Stephen Schultz comfortably leads the league in PP goals, with Andy Bohmbach in 4th and Bryan Haczyk in 6th.  Let’s get them 1-2-3 by the end of the season!

89.  On this date in 1982, Mike Bossy recorded his 20th career hat trick (of eventually 39).  Stephen Schultz is looking for his 4th hat trick of the season!

88.  Blake Kessel is tied for 4th in the ECHL for PP Assists (among players still in the league).  Watch him go for the top spot on 3/23!

87.  Trenton has the 2nd best PK in the ECHL, stymieing their opponents over 85% of the time!

86.  There will be a giveaway from Angel’s Touch Massage!  Need those winter kinks worked out?  Get down to the Sun National Bank Center for the game Saturday

85.  Andy Bohmbach and Jacob Drewiske are among the league leaders in short-handed goals scored! 

84.  Bust out the clubs and take advantage of the nice day!  We’ll have a mini golf course set up outside of Gate B before the game, FREE to anyone with a ticket to the game!

83.  No Flyers game on Saturday.

82.  Schultz is tied for the league lead in Hat Tricks.  Can he take over the top spot in the final week?

81.  There will be an amazing PREGAME BBQ at the Trenton Social before the game!

80.  On this date in history, Roger Bannister was born in 1929!  Run; don’t walk to the Sun National Bank Center for the Titans final home game of this regular season!  Like…4 minute mile run!

79.  It’ll be the final night for Pick ‘Em!  Make sure you’re here for double points!  Our Assistant GM, Frank Susino scored 15 points in one night a couple weeks ago.  That’s 30 points for fans in attendance, which means in one night, you can win a car flag!

78.  See YOUR starting lineup on the ice!  Coach Williams is letting the fans pick who starts the game for the Titans.  Vote for them on the Titans Facebook page!

77.  Andy Bohmbach and Jacob Cepis are just short of being point-per-game players!  Cheer them on and get them there!

76.  Vote for who you felt to be the team’s best defenseman this season, and see if your choice wins after the game!

75.  The Nailers need someone to strike them down under .500, and the Titans have the opportunity to do that this weekend!

74.  You can get a hot dog at the Trenton Social Pregame BBQ for $1!

73.  In just his second season with the team, Captain Andy Bohmbach can vault into 4th in all-time Titans points leaders!

72.  The Titans have 6 Overtime wins so far, which is already their most since 2005-06!

71.  Jacob Cepis already has 40 assists this season!

70.  On this date in history, the Wright brothers obtained a patent on the airplane!  We wonder, what does Fly Frontier thinks about this?  “What do you make of this?  This? Why, I can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl…”

69.  You’ll see an awesome video of Intern Aaron falling again!

68.  At the Trenton Social Pregame BBQ, you can get domestic beers for $2!

67.  There will be a giveaway from Old York Country Club!  Come polish your short game on Saturday with some mini golf and hit the links later!

66.  Pick ‘Em tip #1 Andy Bohmbach has 3 points against Wheeling this season.

65.  All your favorite Titans interns will be there!  Erika too!

64.  At the Trenton Social Pregame BBQ, you can get a hot dog and a domestic beer for $3!

63.  We’ll make sure Frank wears his silver suit!

62.  Join us before the game for the pregame show, live from the Molson Lounge!

61.  Tickets for any seat in the arena are $16!

60.  Pick ‘Em tip #2:  Andrew Johnston has 10 points since rejoining the team 9 games ago!

59.  Vote on who you think should win Titans rookie of the year, and see if he wins the award on Saturday, 3/23!

58.  On this date in 1952, the New York Rangers blew a 6-2 lead in the 14 minutes of the final regular season game, falling 7-6.  Blackhawks star, Bill Mosienko scored 3 goals in just 21 seconds to lead his team to the win.  Mosienko’s rapid assault still stands as the fastest succession of 3 goals by any one player in NHL history.  Can the Titans make their own history on Saturday?  Don’t miss it.

57.  There will be a giveaway from Frontier Airlines!  “Surely you can’t be serious.”  “I am serious…and don’t call me Shirley.” 

56.  Pick ‘Em tip #3:  Kory Nagy has 2 points against Wheeling this season.

55.  You may find a random Scout left over from Friday’s sleepover!  Finder’s keepers!

54.  The first 1,000 fans through the door receive Thundersticks, courtesy of The Trentonian!  Put ‘em to good use!

53.  One of your favorite Titans interns will reluctantly get pied in the face!  Vote wisely on Facebook, Titans fans!

52.  Pick ‘Em tip #4:  Mike Ullrich has 19 points in his last 18 games!

51.  There will be a giveaway from Palermo’s Restaurant and Pizzeria!  That’s Amore!

50.  You’ll be able to shake the hand of the brilliant intern who came up with 100 reasons of why you should come to this game!

49.  At the Trenton Social Pregame Pregame BBQ, you can get a burger and a domestic beer for $4!

48.  Vote on which player you felt had the best rapport with fans throughout the season on the Titans Facebook, and see if he wins at the game!

47.  Pick ‘Em Tip #5 (we have plenty, don’t you worry):  Blake Kessel has 2 points against Wheeling this season!

46.  One lucky young fan will be named our final Captain of the Night of the season, and come down on the carpet pre-game!

45.  There will be a giveaway from UNO’s Chicago Bar and Grill!  Go there when it’s dark out, wearing sunglasses, with a half-a-tank of gas.  Half a pack of cigarettes optional, check the Surgeon General’s warning first.

44.  On this date a really long time ago, infamous Privateer/Pirate William Kidd was born!  Whether he was an actual pirate or not, if you come to the game dressed like a pirate, you’ll get a thumbs up!

43.  Got any favorite video clips from the season?  Vote on Facebook for what you want to see for the final game of the season!

42.  Pick ‘Em tip #5:  Jacob Drewiske has 2 points against Wheeling this season!

41.  Season Ticket Holders, bring all your friends and family to the game for $5 apiece!  They can sit anywhere!

40.  There will be a giveaway from La Villa Pizza and Family Restaurant!  Buon Appetito!

39.  We’ll have the Eleanor Rush School choir from Cinnaminson, NJ singing the National Anthem!

38.  Pick ‘Em tip #6:  Kory Nagy has 9 points since the start of the New Year!

37.  The Titans have a chance to draw even in the season series with Wheeling this weekend, what better way to do it than in front of a packed house?

36.  OK, so…on this date in 1839, the term “OK” entered the English vernacular through an article in a Boston newspaper!  Get over to the Sun National Bank Center and everything will be OK.

35.  Pick ‘Em tip #7:  Connor Goggin has 2 points against the Nailers this season!

34.  It’ll be the final game this season fans can take advantage of our Saturday Trenton Social deal!  Get 2 lower level tickets to the Titans game, 2 flights of beer, and a delicious appetizer for $42!  Call the Titans ticket office for this special offer up to 3 hours before the game.

33.  Molson Ice Lounge tickets are also $16 for Fan Appreciation Night!

32.  There will be a giveaway from Bertucci’s restaurants!  Check out their amazing menus in Bensalem, PA!

31.  Pick ‘Em tip #8:  Shane Harper has 9 points in 8 games with the Titans so far this season!

30.  The first 2,000 fans through the doors will receive a team poster courtesy of White Eagle!  Get here early, doors open at 6!

29.  Did a certain Titans entrance song pump you more than the others this season?  Vote for it on the team Facebook page and you may hear it to finish out the regular season?

28.  Pick ‘Em tip #9:  Jacob Cepis has 2 points against the Nailers this season!

27.  There will be a giveaway by AR&C Self Storage!  Come see what it is on Saturday!

26.  Make sure you visit the Titans Facebook page and vote on your top 10 moments from the Titans season, and we’ll make a special highlight video for the game!

25.  Pick ‘Em tip #10:  Mike Ullrich has 1 point in just 2 games against that tight-checking Wheeling defense so far this season!

24.  On this date in 1775, Patrick Henry declared “Give me liberty, or give me death!” at the Virginia Conventions in an attempt to gain support in arming the Virginia Militia!  Come to the game ASAP on Saturday and we’ll give you hockey and arm the first 1,000 fans with Thundersticks, courtesy of The Trentonian!

23.  Got a catchy family-friendly tune stuck in your head?  Want to hear it in the arena?  VOTE for it on the Titans Facebook page!

22.  Pick ‘Em tip #11:  In just 3 games against Wheeling this season, Shane Harper has 3 points!

21.  There will be a giveaway of Titans merchandise on Saturday’s game!  Has Frank lost his mind?  Come find out!

20.  If you can memorize and recite this entire list, that’s insane…and we’ll find something to give you!

19.  Pick ‘Em tip #12:  Stephen Schultz has 3 points against the Wheel this season!

18.  Which Titan do you think has improved the most since last season?  Vote on the Titans Facebook page and help them win the award!

17.  There will be a giveaway on certain ECHL merchandise!

16.  Pick ‘Em tip #13:  Bryan Haczyk has 5 points in 5 games against the Wheeling Nailers this season!  Write him in!

15.  Which Titan do you think should be team MVP!?  Vote on this prestigious award on the Titans Facebook Page and see who wins on Saturday!

14.  Pick ‘Em tip #14:  Andy Bohmbach has 14 points in his last 14 games!  Oh Captain my Captain…14’s everywhere!

13.  There will be a giveaway from Bucks County Sheraton!  Come see what it could be!

12.  Pick ‘Em tip #15:  Titans defenseman Blake Kessel has 15 points in his last 16 games!  Yep, a defenseman!

11.  What song should be played when the Titans score a goal?  Vote for your favorite from this season on Facebook and listen to hear what it is on Saturday!

10.  Pick ‘Em tip #16:  Bryan Haczyk has 24 points in his last 26 games, and he’s been especially hot of late!

9.  On this date in 1994, some guy named Wayne Gretzky scored his 802nd career goal, breaking the NHL record for goals scored.  The Titans have has their fair share of goal scorers this season, come watch them light the lamp!

8.  Pick ‘Em tip #17:  Jacob Cepis has 32 points in his last 28 games, 24 of them being assists!  We’ve got an apple slinger!

7.  Want to have a say about what goes on sale at the merchandise stand this Saturday?   Keep an eye on Facebook for the chance to vote!

6.  Pick ‘Em tip #18:  Stephen Schultz has 23 points in his last 19 games.  15 of those are goals!

5.  The Pregame BBQ at the Trenton Social will have live music!

4.  We don’t discriminate.  We offered Director Kevin Smith a free ticket to the game, so its only fair that we offer a free ticket to all Kevin Smiths.  If your legal name is Kevin Smith, you get into the game for free!

3.  The Titans will be wearing special Jersey Strong jerseys for the game…

2.  …which will be auctioned off following the game…

1.  …and a portion of the auction proceeds will benefit the Hurricane Sandy relief fund.  Get to the game and get yourself a player’s jersey!

All tickets to Fan Appreciation Night, Saturday, March 23rd, at 7:05 PM, are $16.00!
Call the Trenton Titans Front Office, (609) 341-1100, to get yours!

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