Rivet made his debut during Titans Opening Weekend

The Trenton Titans are back and ready for action. The re-established team may have a new attitude, but they stayed true to a few irreplaceable things. A familiar face, like Vince Williams as head coach, a loyal fan base that returns after 4 years and a young mascot that has grown up to skate the ice on his own.

Fan favorite, Rivet, was named the mascot for the 2011-2012 Titans season after his older brother, Clash, left for NHL training camp. Clash was the main mascot for the Titans in the past with little brother, Rivet by his side. After the Devils took over, Clash moved on to college, and is now following his dreams of being a hockey star in the NHL.

“I will always be a Titan at heart, but when the opportunity presented itself I had to go for it. And, I knew the Titans would be in good hands with Rivet,” Clash said.

Rivet has a world of experience when it comes to charming the crowd. Following in in his big brother’s footsteps, Rivet is preparing for an unforgettable season.

“It’s sad that Clash and I won’t be skating together this year, but I’m anxious to have the ice to myself,” Rivet said. “There’s so many things I’m excited for and I can’t wait to get started.”

While Clash is on the road with the NHL, Rivet has a chance to shine. Rivet’s playful, jolly nature will be different from his big brother’s serious and competitive character, but Rivet suspects that is just what the fans need.

“Of course I want the Titans to win every game—I want them to be the best,” he said. “But, more than that, I want the fans and Titans to have a good time. I want them to enjoy their time on the ice, and their time with me. I want this to be an experience they will never forget.”

With a new season ahead of them, the Titans and their fans are eager for opening night. The new, positive outlook for the team, along with a young, enthusiastic mascot has already made this season one worth remembering.

“It’s a time for change. The Titans are reinventing themselves with a new team, a new coach and a new image,” Rivet said. “Change can be tough, but when accepted with open arms, it can transform a good thing into a great thing.”

The example Clash set while on Trenton ice has influenced Rivet. He is optimistic about the Titans’ success and the success of his little brother.

“I have no doubt he will make the Titans family proud,” he said.

The Titans organization wishes Clash the best of luck in the NHL, and is pleased to have Rivet join the team full-time for what they are sure will be one of the best seasons to date.